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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 14, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking right now, massive fires sparking in the hundred-degree heat out west. thousands forced from their homes. homeowners using garden hoses as the flames come just feet from homes near san diego. 17 million people bracing for more danger. red flag warnings, up everywhere. brand-new video of the dramatic attack on a baltimore tv station. a crazed man rams a stolen truck through the lobby, moments after he was caught on tape trying to get in. security locking him out. our abc station scrambled to stay on the air. underwater assault, caught on tape. this sudden ambush, as one diver yanks the oxygen from another, off the coast of hawaii. the victim speaking out this morning.
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what she says saved her life. my mom's pregnant. and her water just broke. >> call her the best big sister ever. the 8-year-old girl who delivered her baby brother with the help of a 911 operator, jumping in to play doctor. how the little girl kept her cool. and good morning, america. we are tracking many breaking stories this morning, including that mining disaster in turkey. hundreds of workers trapped underground. the massive scramble to rescue them is unfolding right now. >> we're going to go live to turkey in just a moment. but first, let's get to those blazing wildfires threatening homes in california. firefighters, facing tough conditions again today. abc's cecilia vega is in san diego with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you all.
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these fire trucks behind me ready to be called into action at a moment's notice. the high temperatures and strong winds here in california, a firefighter's worst enemy. overnight, firefighters on high alert, trying to keep a burning fire at bay. what started as a small brush fire, roaring into a wildfire, torching more than 800 acres. >> i was in my living room. i could see the smoke coming over the ridge. i saw some families leaving. one person was running. >> reporter: crews struggled to get a grip any way they could. by air tanker. helicopter. and on the ground. some residents even staying behind to take on the fire themselves. fighting it off with garden hoses. the flames, coming within mere feet of homes and luxury estates. so far, no damage. 5,000 residents told to evacuate, all allowed back home. to the north, another fire raging near santa barbara. this one, burning 700 acres. firefighters evacuating 1,200 homes.
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with extremely dry conditions, triple-digit temperatures and heavy winds, residents around california are bracing for danger. more than 17 million people in red flag warnings today. >> the conditions we're seeing right now is normally what we would see in september and october. now we're seeing them in may. so, yes, we're prepared for the worst. unfortunately we have to expect it. that's what we have to look for. we will have a large wildfire. >> reporter: will. not if, but when. prepared for the worst. the firefighters are bracing for another day for strong winds. with that comes the potential for even more flare-ups. but authorities out here tell us they feel the worst is over. we're going to turn to the breaking news on the mine disaster. rescuers reached more than 200 workers trapped underground, after a fire ripped through a coal mine in turkey during a shift change. more than 200 workers already dead. and alex marquardt has the latest from istanbul. >> reporter: rescuers worked through the night. but hopes are fading this
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morning of finding anymore survivors. as of now, we have lost 201 of our miners said the energy minister. we fear this number will rise. an electrical fault reportedly triggered a power cut, making the mine cages unusable. many of those trapped are 1,500 feet below the surface. hundreds of worried relatives have gathered near the scene. all of turkey has been on-edge, waiting for good news. fearing the worst. as the hours have passed, the picture looked more and more grim. officials warning, this is looking like the worst mining disaster in turkey's history. these tv pictures from inside the mine, show rescuers working feverishly to save their friends. as one of the few miners to emerge alive is brought to the surface, cheers erupt, followed by tears. turkish authorities say carbon monoxide poisoning killed many of those trapped underground. as more oxygen is being pumped
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into the mind to try to save those still trapped. one miner from a nearby mine reportedly rushed to the scene to try to save his brother. but after going down into the mine, he re-emerged tearfully saying there is no hope. turkey's prime minister has announced three days of national mourning. george? >> alex, thank you. so sad. there were so many miners than normal in that mine because it was during the shift change. >> that's right. all right, george. now, to growing fears about a fiercely deadly virus spreading in the u.s. one hospital worker in florida who may have been exposed to mers has been admitted. and there are fears hundreds more may have come in contact with the patient. abc's steve osunsami is in atlanta at the centers for disease control. the cdc. morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we've been talking to investigators at the cdc tracking this. and they underline this has spread through extended contact. their big concern is over anyone who flew on a flight with this patient. health officials here and in the u.k., now, are trying to track
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down every, single passenger on this patient's domestic and now international flights. this morning, doctors worry that the second sick traveler to arrive in the u.s. from the middle east may have infected two health care workers who treated the 44-year-old patient at orlando hospitals last week. they're already showing symptoms of mers. >> the member was admitted because he did meet a criteria for admission. >> reporter: mers or middle eastern respiratory syndrome is a new imported disease. that started with camels overseas. it's not as contagious as the cold or flu. but it kills nearly one-third of its victims. to be safe, doctors sent home 20 health care workers who had contact with the patient. told to look out for symptoms for the next two weeks. they're warning at least 80 people who may have been exposed in hospital waiting rooms. health officials trying to ease fears. >> the risk is negligible to this community. i think the risk is negligible to those in the waiting room.
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>> reporter: the patient who works as a health care provider in saudi arabia, entered the u.s. in boston. then, flew to atlanta, before arriving in orlando, and the risk of mers is much greater in the air. the cdc is working with authorities from 20 states to find every passenger on the florida patient's american flights. posting warnings at the nation's busiest airports. they believe that mers is spread through close contact over long periods of time. and they think it might be coughs that spread the virus the most. >> this is a relatively new virus. there's no specific antiviral medicine. and there's no vaccine. >> reporter: it takes 2 to 14 days to come down with this. and for now, there is no cure. robin? >> we heard. no vaccine, steve. thank you. now, to amy who has the other top stories for us. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with new video and new details from the brazen attack on a tv baltimore station. a man seen here driving a truck through our abc station before
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then engaging police in a tense, five-hour standoff. abc's pierre thomas is learning more about the suspect. >> reporter: baltimore's wmar tv station, under assault. this truck, ramming into its building five times before crashing through into the lobby only minutes earlier, the deranged driver had shown up at the station's front door, screaming, i am god. i am god. here he is, caught on tape, frustrated. pacing, yanking on the door after security refused to let him in. he left but returned after stealing a nearby landscaping truck. >> you look and there's a truck coming through the glass in the front lobby. and then people are running. we got attacked today. we got attacked. >> reporter: worried they had an active shooter, s.w.a.t. team soon moved in. >> hold the air for a minute. i've got a truck entirely inside the building here. >> reporter: police searched the station and found the suspect watching tv coverage. >> this is where he was.
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and he sat right here. >> the individual was ranting and raving incoherent statements. >> reporter: our abc family at wmar baltimore is so relieved no one got hurt. they know they're lucky. look at the damage from that truck. for "good morning america," pierre thomas, abc news, baltimore. >> thank you, pierre. and new frustration in the search for the hundreds of schoolgirls abducted in nigeria. this morning we're told nigerian soldiers have not entered the forest where militants are believed to be holding those girls. residents are so angry at the delay, they're launching their own attacks on members of the boko haram terror group. u.s. surveillance aircraft are combing the area with powerful images from a distance of 35,000 feet. meantime, a new image. these girls, 6,000 miles away, in panama, appealing to the world, asking, would you notice if we were missing? well, two political headlines this morning. tea party favorite ben sasse has won the republican nomination for nebraska's senate seat after
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a bitter and expensive race. highlighting differences within the gop. and after serving 25 terms, michigan congressman john conyers has been ruled ineligible for this year's ballot. he failed to get enough qualifying signatures. he can appeal the ruling or run as a write-in. a minnesota woman survived a terrifying ordeal. lightning struck her suv, igniting a huge fire. the doors wouldn't open. the responding officer smashed open the passenger window. and another man runs in to rescue, helping to pull her out of that window. she walked away with no serious injuries. and finally, a texas woman got quite a surprise when she opened her bathroom door. she found it was already in use. by this 12-foot-long python. it had slithered its way into her house after she left her back door slightly ajar. turns out the snake was a pet that had escaped from its owner's home two months ago. the woman called 911.
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animal control safely was able to remove her unwanted guest from the bathroom. i love this, though. she told them how big it was. i don't think they believed her. they showed up with a brown paper sack. i think you're going to need a bigger sack. they ended up using a garbage can. >> i can't look at lara. >> can you imagine? >> no. >> that's a big snake. >> i have a hard time ever going back in that bathroom. >> i might sell the house. >> wow. >> amy, thank you. we're going to turn to the hard-edged dustup over hillary clinton's health. karl rove suggesting that clinton's head injuries from a fall 18 months ago are far more serious than she's admitted. clinton camp hitting back hard and jon karl is covering it from washington. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. it seems like we've been transported into the middle of a presidential campaign. hillary clinton's team is accusing rove of flatout lying. rove is hitting back. and even the white house is jumping in. "the new york post" was the first to report what karl rove told an audience out of california.
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suggesting hillary clinton is hiding something about a health scare she had back in 2012. 30 days in the hospital? and when she reappears she's wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? we need to know what's up with that. "the post" quoted rove, mrs. clinton spent 3 days in the hospital, not 30. clinton's spokesperson said rove and others on the right are lying. they're scared of what she has achieved and what she has to offer. rove tried to clarify his comments in an interview on foxnews. >> i didn't say she had brain damage. she had a serious health episode. this will be an issue in the 2016 race, whether she likes it or not. every presidential candidate is asked for all of their health records. >> reporter: at issue, a virus and a concussion mrs. clinton suffered after a fall in 2012, which forced her to cancel some secretary of state travel and postpone testimony before congress about the benghazi attack. appearing on '"60 minutes" in january, 2013, mrs. clinton said
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the prognosis was positive. >> i have lingering effects. but the doctors tell me that will recede. >> reporter: now, the question rove is raising, is whether she is healthy enough to serve as president. >> this is a deliberate part to raise her health as an issue. >> reporter: even the white house weighed in. >> mr. rove might have been the last person in america on election night to acknowledge that the president had won re-election. including the state of ohio. we'll leave it at that. >> reporter: rove took some friendly fire. >> i do believe that karl rove was totally wrong. i think he represented the worst instincts of the consulting class of the republican party. >> reporter: this is the most forcefully we've seen hillary clinton's team respond to any attacks since she left office. they are accusing rove of politicizing her health. as for her health, clinton's spokesperson said, she is 100%. george? >> and election day two and a half years away. jon karl, thanks very much.
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not even the beginning of the beginning. >> not wasting any time. now, to an emotional milestone for the nation. tomorrow, the memorial and museum, honoring the victims of the september 11th attacks will be dedicated in downtown manhattan. abc's david muir is there at ground zero for us this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: robin, great to see you. as you know, this was a decade in the making. and to give everyone at home an idea of where we are, ground zero, of course. this is the soaring new world trade center behind me. a magnificent sight. but we're here for the museum, for a moving tour that we're taking inside that building. you go down seven stories below, down to the original bedrock on which the twin towers once stood. and i was struck immediately by the voices. this was "good morning america" shortly after the first plane hit that morning. >> there's been some sort of explosion at the world trade center in -- >> obviously, a major fire there. and -- >> reporter: that confusion, before we all knew, relived in
7:15 am
this new museum. the first thing you hear when you walk in, the voices. >> september 11th. >> on september 11th. >> reporter: americans remembering where they were. their own words lighting the way. >> we were in a meeting when someone barged in and said -- >> reporter: on the first walls, the map. it shows the flights the moment they turn when the hijackers take control. as you walk through the museum, beside us right there. >> the survivor stairs. >> literally hundreds of people used this staircase as an escape route on 9/11, when the attacks were taking place. running down the stairs to safety was a lifeline. >> reporter: those stairs weigh 58 tons. the entire museum built around them. around the corner, big red, the fire truck, ladder 3. so many remember that brave captain. patty brown. >> i'm on the 35th floor. relay to command post, we're trying to get up. >> reporter: captain brown and ten of his men, lost. here in the museum, they
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remember all of the planes. these were parts from flight 77, pulled from the pentagon. this clock frozen at 9:37. a melted rolodex and someone's phone. in one of the rooms, we discover a watch, found in the field in shanksville, pennsylvania. it was todd beemers, one of the heroes that took back that flight. and on his watch, the date. the 11th. and florence jones, too, who barely escaped the south tower. she took off her shoes. one of the last to get out. she's given them to the museum. and we found a message of hope, even from that awful day. a nasa commander saw the smoke and listened to what he said. >> i know it's difficult for everybody in america right now. the country still looks good. and for new yorkers, your city still looks great from up here. >> reporter: the message from space. the president will be here tomorrow to dedicate the museum, robin. and i have to tell you, it is a powerful walk through this new
7:17 am
site, honoring those that were lost. and of course, all of the first responders who did, in fact, save so many that morning. >> well said, david. well said. thank you. and we will be covering the president's speech tomorrow. right now, we're going to shift gears a little bit. >> it was quite moving. we want to share with you a remarkable story this morning. an 8-year-old florida girl who called 911 when her mom went into labor. and then, helped deliver her baby brother. this morning, mom and baby are fine. and big sis, she's a hero. just call her the best big sister ever. >> my mom's pregnant. and her water just broke. >> okay. >> i'm in so much pain right now. >> she's is in so much pain. >> reporter: 8-year-old jazmine jumped in to play doctor, after her mother, crystal garcia, went into labor. >> all of a sudden, my water just broke. i had no signs of labor whatsoever. i had no idea. and i yelled for her. jazmine, grab the cordless phone and dial 911. >> what's your name, sweetie? >> jazmine.
7:18 am
>> can you get some dry towels and a blanket to wrap the baby in? >> okay. >> is your mom pushing or straining yet? >> mom, are you pushing or straining? >> yes. >> i had to like get towels and hold it around the baby's head. >> if she wasn't there, i don't know what i would have done. there's no way i would have made it to a phone. >> reporter: with the guidance of the dispatcher, jazmine helped deliver the baby brother until paramedics arrived. >> tell jazmine to support the baby's head and shoulder. >> come here. hold the baby's head, please. hold the baby's head, please. oh, my god. she's freaking out. she's only 8 years old. >> reporter: abc cameras were there, when jazmine, along with baby joseph, met the 911 operator who helped them become a family. >> a little hero. you helped me so much. >> great big sis. all working together like that.
7:19 am
>> great under pressure. >> that's it. we're going to get more on the fire danger, now, and the heat out west. and ginger is in atlantic city this morning. good morning, ginger. >> hey, good morning. you saw cecilia there. talking about how that fire is getting under control. i have to bring you the latest. we have two days of this heat, especially in california. and that is not going to help firefighters. los angeles could go to 100 today. we've seen records broken or tied, throughout san diego. did it again yesterday, tying. 94 for a high today. still going to be windy. and another headline, the severe weather. you see the area in orange, from jackson, mississippi, up to pittsburgh, pennsylvania, damaging wind and hail, the primary threat.
7:20 am
i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. today, record highs across the board and it's a spare-the-air day. coastal cooling tomorrow, the rest of us the heat will break friday. temperatures today mid to upper 80s along the coast, low to mid-90s throughout the bay, 100s in the east bay and south bay. tonight we're in the 50s and low 60s, almost as stuffy as this morning. accuweather seven-day forecast, 20 to 30 d >> more from ginger in atlantic city coming up. also coming up, a new twist in the oscar pistorius trial this morning. also an underwater ambush caught on camera. a scuba diver's air ripped from
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the may sale. now at ethan allen. good morning. i'm kristen sze. thieves break into homes with open windows. police are using twitter and community outreach to spread the word during the heat wave.
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>> richmond police are investigating an overnight accident that left a female passenger dead. the car she was riding in crashed into a utility pole at high speed and may have been racing with two other cars that drooef away. let's see if cars are being safe out there right now. leyla gulen has the traffic check. >> you know what, we have a b.a.r.t. issue. it is recovering from an earlier problem. stem cell a ten-minute delay on the daly city line and in that direction due to a medical problem. if you are going to be driving, we have this accident blocking a lane westbound highway 4 at hillcrest avenue. you can see that heavy traffic from just before 160. kristen? >> leyla, thanks a lot. we'll check out your forecast with this heat wave with meteorologist mike n
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heat shields are compromised. weare those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm?
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good morning. probably as warm as it will be during the morning hours. a lot of 60s around the bay shore, 59 in san mateo. we have more 50s inland where the cooler air sunk down into our deeper valleys. from the golden gate, we had a 5-mile-per-hour wind yesterday. all these areas record highs today. can you believe that? lettake a look at that lettake a look at that accuweathecar with away. the cailes per gallon highw. the car with almost 900 miles between fill-ups. the car road & track called america's most fuel efficient new car, isn't a prius. surprised? state of the art clean diesel technology. a fuel-efficient eco start/stop system. engineered to virtually sip fuel. the mercedes-benz e250 bluetec.
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defying expectations. again.
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♪ i love this song. oh. santana. he is a legend. and he is here at "gma." he has a brand-new album. and we cannot wait to hear more from him. >> all morning long. >> how can you not? >> so great. also, a terrifying scuba ambush. one diver rips off another's oxygen mask, nearly 50 feet below the surface. the victim is speaking out this morning, saying what saved her life. and a bounce house, soaring 50 feet into the air. two kids inside, seriously injured. what went wrong? >> that is unbelievable.
7:31 am
and the story you need to watch before you hit the road this morning. brian ross investigates the invisible hazard in your car. what you need to look for right now on your tires that could save your life. >> you have to stay around for that. we begin with the brand-new twist in the oscar pistorius trial. the judge ordering a psychiatric evaluation. and matt gutman has all of the latest from the courthouse in pretoria. >> reporter: good morning, george. this could dramatically change the trajectory of this trial. pistorius will be sent for up to 30 days of psychological evaluation, by a battery of mental health experts. his jaw clenched when the judge read that ruling. it was the defense psychiatrist who said he suffers from an anxiety disorder that may have caused him to fight instead of flight that night. >> matt, what happens if the experts do determine that pistorius has some kind of a mental disorder? >> reporter: neither side is saying he's insane. but if he is found to be incapacitated at the time, he
7:32 am
could be not held criminally responsible. if he's only partially incapacitated that night, not all bad for pistorius. >> thank you very much. >> so many twists and turns. now, to the underwater assault caught on camera. a scuba diver, ambushed by another diver, 50 feet below the surface. abc's neal karlinsky has that story for us. >> reporter: rene um burger was taking her camera underwater to document sea life countless times. but never in a million years did she imagine something like this. an alleged underwater attack. diver on diver, off the coast of kona, hawaii. >> i got to the surface, the first thing i said was, oh, my god, someone just tried to kill me. >> reporter: one of the fishermen she was photographing, seeing a beeline, and ripping
7:33 am
the regulator that allows her to breathe, right out of her mouth. >> i think sharks are less dangerous than this. >> reporter: at 50 feet underwater, she could have easily drowned. >> someone with less experience, surely could be dead. they could have panicked and not been able to find their mouthpiece. >> reporter: her friend, robert, was also there and believes the driver who allegely attacked was trying to hide what he was doing. >> in his right hand was a scoop net full of baby yellow tangs. that's what we were there to document. and that's what he didn't want us to see. >> reporter: umberger believes that they're selling them to aquariums and pet stores. with a permit, fishing is legal. >> that's going to be branded in my memory forever, that look he was giving me. >> reporter: this morning, authorities are studying the video and investigating. no word on whether charges will be filed in this rare underwater
7:34 am
assault. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> strange and scary story. now, parents pay attention to this. a frightening accident left three small children hurt, two seriously. a bounce house lifted by a powerful wind gust. the kids inside fell straight to the ground. abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: it's a terrifying image. afternoon play gone horribly wrong. >> playset that tipped over on to two children, 5 and 6 years of age. unknown if breathing. one child apparently is in the road. >> reporter: the play set, a little tykes bounce house, like this one, did more than just tip over. despite being secured with stakes, it flew away with three children inside. a 10-year-old girl quickly fell out. as the toy flew higher in strong winds, it dropped the remaining boys inside, from 15 to 20 feet in the air. >> it was out of a horror movie. that's what it looked like.
7:35 am
like that poor little kid came flying out. >> reporter: it continued to sail in the air as high as 50 feet. >> it was around here. and his little arms and legs were going. he hit his head off the back of my car. >> reporter: little tikes telling abc news, we are looking into what happened in south glens falls. accidents have happened with larger types of models. popular at carnivals and children's parties. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: in 2011, this inflatable slide went tumbling across a long island soccer field, sending 13 people to the hospital. and watch as another 2011 bouncy castle in arizona goes airborne, whipping several times before slamming into a pole. the little tikes model comes with a warning. not to use in windy weather because sudden gusts of wind may lift the product off the ground. the two kindergarten boys were
7:36 am
flown here to albany medical center after sustaining serious injuries, including head trauma. police say they won't be charging anyone, calling this is freak accident. >> you have to pay attention to those warnings. down to ginger now. she's in atlantic city this morning. hey, ginger. >> hey. good morning to you, george. we're here in atlantic city because of our sponsor, the atlantic city alliance. look at this. i was being the mermaid like this is. a gorgeous sandcastle. and a great group. good morning, everybody. we have folks celebrating. it's a little cool and misty here, we have to talk about the extreme cold. that's behind the cold front. there's freeze watches, frost advisories all throughout parts of the central united states. look at the numbers. as far south as oklahoma city, feeling like 47 this morning, the actual temperatures. and north platte, it's below freezing. and ahead of it will be the rain, that comes with some of the severe weather. some of the numbers will be in the two-inch to four-inch rain.
7:37 am
good morning. i'm mike nicco. be prepared for record heat, hottest day of the year, 99 to 102 in our inland east bay neighborhoods, 85, 88 at the coast, a spare-the-air day. cooler tomorrow many the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> and we still have to check that pollen report because a lot of people are feeling it. the eyes are starting to itch and all that. the high concentration for pollen overall, high all the way to maine. and the tree concentration, the pollen is very big around st. louis, kansas city area. anywhere right there in the center of the nation. you can join us for the pollen report every week. all brought to us by claritin. >> just trying to do that pose. >> they didn't mind the pollen at all. and coming up here, the invisible hazard in your car. brian ross investigates car tires. what you need to look for right now that could save your life.
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back, now, at 7:41, with safety concerns about aging car tires and whether they can cause
7:42 am
fatal accidents. abc's brian ross has news this morning about a new investigation into tire safety and about what you need to look for that could save your life. brian? >> reporter: well, good morning, lara. the national transportation safety board has launched a first of its kind special investigation into the role of tires in hundreds of traffic accident deaths a year. and among the issues, tires that look perfectly safe, even brand-new. but that automakers say can begin to degrade and should be replaced just six years after they were made. >> there was just a terrible accident on i-10. >> reporter: the tire that failed in this accident was ten years old. >> someone lost control of their vehicle and flew into the right shoulder. >> reporter: the tire that failed in this accident outside of los angeles, was eight years old. >> my daughter lost her life because of it. my grandson is growing up without his mother. >> reporter: and the tire that failed in this fatal accident in louisiana was ten years old. and helped lead the new federal
7:43 am
investigation by the safety board, the ntsb. >> it's a significant issue. that's why we're looking at it at the ntsb. >> reporter: safety engineers saying depending on how they're maintained and where they're used, tires can age and lose elasticity after six years. the tread can begin to separate, even though the tires may never have been on the road and appear to be perfectly new. >> that's what's so troubling. it really is the invisible hazard. >> reporter: but no current law or industry standard prevents the sale of aged tires. our investigation with abc stations around the country, found plenty of them for sale, described as perfectly safe. in new york, 8 1/2-year-old tires. >> out with the old. in with the new. you know that expression? >> reporter: in rhode island, 9-year-old tires. in san francisco, 11-year-old and 15-year-old tires. ford, gm and chrysler, all recommend that tires more than six years old be replaced, regardless of how much they've been used. but the government and the tire
7:44 am
industry say, there's no reason to have a tire aging standard of any kind. wouldn't that help safety, given the recommendations of ford, gm and chrysler? >> we disagree. >> reporter: it wouldn't help safety? >> it would not. there's no data to support expiration dates. >> reporter: one of the biggest tire companies, michelin, recommends a ten-year replacement date. for consumers to know how old the tires are, they have to decode the method of lifting the production date. the last four digits give the date. not by month and year, but by week and year. >> that's the code for the 13th week of 2003. >> it's convenient for the consumer. >> reporter: to do it by the week? >> certainly it is. >> reporter: are you purposely hiding how old the tires are? >> we're not hiding that in the least. >> reporter: and thanks to the lobbying of the tire industry, proposals of eight states to
7:45 am
have tire age, have been defeated. >> show us again. >> at the very end of this, and right here, it says 4105. 4105 is the 41st week of 2005, october 2005. but you have to know the code. you have to decode it to understand. >> the week and the month. >> for the tire industry, it's better for them. >> better for them. >> not so great for the consumer, who has to really figure out how to read this. >> now, we know. >> thanks to you. >> you can hear more of brian's report on tire safety. that's tonight on "world news" and also on "nightline." and we posted a video on our website showing you step-by-step, how to check the age of your tires. go to on yahoo! to check it out. coming up, how some restaurants are rewarding parents for kids' good behavior. and this has gone viral. pictures that beyonce has put on her instagram. this morning, with her sister, solange. and of them together. we're going to tell you the story behind them.
7:46 am
this is just happening. >> right now. and they are calling this young woman the american adele. internet sensation, molly kate kestner is here live this morning. >> beautiful. you see the "mini" ion my chest? funny, yes? no. i'm huge. flavor? i'm bursting with it. creamy? i ooze it. rich. creamy. and 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone. ♪ so, if you love me we're back in the social square, with the video that's gone incredible viral. 18-year-old singing sensation, molly kate kestner. her original song, "his daughter" is wracking up 6 million hits in just three weeks. and george takei, who has an enormous following, he dubbed her the american adele. ♪ please hear my prayer i'm lost and i'm scared ♪ ♪ and i've got nowhere else
7:51 am
to run ♪ ♪ come along >> we're joined by molly kate kestner. incredible. incredible voice. you received tweets from stars like ashley judd who said she wept and wept. you had to be overwhelmed by that. >> overwhelmed would be an understatement. >> we're going to hear you sing next. we can't wait for it. i heard you practicing. it's going to be something to take in. >> can't wait to hear you sing this live. >> thank you. >> all right. ♪'cause in a sky full of stars, ♪ i think i saw you. ♪ ♪ it's such a heavenly view. there's only one place to get more coldplay.
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. breaking news in san francisco where police are serving search warrants at building in the dog patch area of the city southeast of paterno hill. it may involve members of the hell's angels motorcycle club. this is a live look from sky 7 over tennessee and 23rd streets. no word yet on the exact reason for the police search. meteorologist mike nicco joins us now with more on the heat. >> yeah, official, 17 official reporting stations by the national weather service and all of them should set record highs, some as far back as 1922 in san francisco, 1905 in san jose. the heat does peak today so, be careful. it's a spare-the-air day,
7:57 am
cooling at the coast tomorrow, the rest of us friday. leyla? we had an earlier accident on highway 92 at the toll plaza just before you get to the san mateo bridge. you can see all the traffic there as it bunches up right at the tolls. here's a live look. you can see traffic is busy but slowing. eric? >> if you're s medium cheddar with your bare hand. i didn't say tough, i said hungry. if you're so hungry, eat this thick slice of medium cheddar with your bare mouth. tillamook cheese slices, tastes better because it's made better.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and "gma" is seeing double. george, amy and ginger all met their pint-sized mini-mes. and now, robin and i are excited to meet ours. and it's the scene-stealing monologue about love, relationships and weight. why everyone is relating to lily. and shocking cereal secrets. that healthy label may be misleading. what you need to know this morning. and alexa ray joel speaking out for the first time since her public health scare. what she says really happened. all that and jim parsons with us, live. as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
♪ i drive all night to keep her warm ♪ ♪ in time that's frozen internet singing sensation, molly kate kestner. ♪ until she's broken >> she's just 18 years old. oh. >> i got chills. >> i'm telling you. and just there on the piano. >> a star born right there. >> a star truly is born. she is wonderful. her parents are here with her. just a beautiful story. and you're going to hear her performance. she's being called the american adele. >> and for good reason.
8:02 am
>> beautiful. >> a lot more from her coming up. also this morning, beyonce, a little after 6:30 a.m. eastern time, posted brand-new pictures on her instagram account, with her and her sisters. they're going crazy. 200,000 likes and counting. this is after the surveillance video of the fight solange with jay z made headlines. and people are following this story. it's not just molly kate kestner singing. we have a performance ahead from rock legend, carlos santana. >> so good. our final installment of seeing double, kids edition. there's little robin, everybody. looks like a good read. what are you reading there? you know, everybody's got something. there's my mini-me. what are you up to in my closet? this could be trouble, robin roberts. >> big trouble.
8:03 am
>> we're going to have a little edit. we're going to get news from amy. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the breaking news this hour. a devastating coal mine disaster. more than 200 miners in turkey have been killed in a massive explosion and fire. right now, hope is fading for more than 200 who are trapped underground. that blast tore through the mine, as workers were preparing for a shift change. rescuers have been pulling out dozens of survivors throughout the night. but it is a grim scene, as family members gather to identify the victims. back here at home, we're learning more about the coal mine in west virginia, where two men were killed in a roof collapse. that mine received 514 safety citations just last year. regulators named it one of the industry's worst offenders. and firefighters in southern california are bracing for strong winds and record heat as they battle several wildfires. the flames near san diego drove 5,000 people from their homes. those evacuation orders have now
8:04 am
been lifted. but more than 800 acres have burned. and that's an area the size of new york's central park. a fire in santa barbara has burned another 700 acres. and another state's ban on same-sex marriage has been overturned. this time, a federal judge has ruled idaho's ban is unconstitutional. the governor, though, promises to appeal. and this is an incredible survival story from minneapolis. a toddler fell 11 stories off of his family's balcony to the ground. that's more than 100 feet. doctors say he survived because he landed on mulch. the mulch was enough to cushion the fall. despite the pictures there, he is expected to fully recover from his injuries. we wish him and his family well. in kansas city, a biker survived a violent crash caught on camera. oh, my goodness. he was not even seriously injured. and you know what? he can thank his helmet for surviving that crash. everyone, remember that. and new trouble for justin bieber. los angeles police say he's
8:05 am
being investigated now for attempted robbery after an incident at a minigolf course. bieber reportedly reached into a come's purse and grabbed her phone because he thought she had taken his picture. and talk about teamwork. ohio state's baseball squad is stepping up to the plate in more ways than one. pitcher zach farmer is suffering from leukemia and may need a bone marrow transplant. in a unanimous show of support, all 37 buckeye ballplayers and their coach had their cheeks swabbed for dna, in hopes that one of them may become a match. it will take four to six weeks to find out. but an incredible story, near and dear to your heart, robin. and you brought so much attention to this very important need out there. kudos to the buckeyes. >> kudos to the buckeyes. they're stepping up like people did for me. it's amazing. if they know about it, people want to help. >> fingers crossed for a match. "pop news" coming up. let's go to ginger in
8:06 am
atlantic city for the weather. and some volleyball, ginger? >> we have phillip here, our pro beach champion. we're going to give him a little something here. ready, phillip? get that out there. atlantic city is the host of the pro beach volleyball invitational. early september. and even though it's not the perfect conditions right now, with that east wind, a little fog, 53 degrees, we're thinking about it. we're knowing that summer is coming. let's check the weather forecast. here in atlantic city, high just short of 70 degrees. but washington, d.c., around 80. caribou, maine, still at 53. pushing that high back a little farther south. and then, the cold front will sweep through. that's why we have a look at that severe weather, right there, for parts of i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. today, record highs across the
8:07 am
board and it's a spare-the-air day. coastal cooling tomorrow, the rest of us the heat will break friday. temperatures today mid to upper 80s along the coast, low to mid-90s throughout the bay, 100s in the east bay and south bay. tonight we're in the 50s and low 60s, almost as stuffy as this morning. accuweathe >> okay. go ahead. atlantic city. >> thank you, ginger. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." in "pop news," prince william's star-studded event. why he invited so many a-listers to windsor castle. because he can. and a big response to a scene about love and weight. from comedian louis c.k. his tv show, it's striking such a chord. and the way some parents are being rewarded for well behaved
8:08 am
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8:13 am
alum, emma watson, and helena bottom carter. and ralph lauren is donating a breast cancer center. also, a smattering of supermodels. but two royally famous faces not in attendance. princess kate and prince george. they had a night in. >> a smattering of supermodels. >> i'm all about alluring. a smattering of supermodels. also in "pop news," this morning, holy hot pants, batman. the director of the upcoming "batman versus superman" movie, tweeted this photo of the batmobile on monday. it's like a slumbering monster in its cave. that's ben affleck. >> it sure is. >> i mean -- >> yeah. >> you need to go to the -- what's that saying when you -- like you -- >> welcome to the gun show?
8:14 am
>> yeah. he's looking good. "batman versus superman" may 2016. >> translating, lara. >> i'm here for you. i'm here for you, lara. here for you. i do. are you looking for a career change, anybody? any adventure? how about becoming a panda caretaker. a giant panda research and care center in china's sichuan province, is looking for panda care. my daughter wants to be one. you're a little young to apply. you need to be 23 years old, have basic knowledge of pandas and be able to take photos. spend 365 days with the pandas, share their joys and their sar
8:15 am
r sorrows. >> that's a cool job. >> that is a cool job. and a cool edition of "pop news." >> i speak fluent lara. we have the hottest story on "the heat index" this morning. the reaction to "louie" blowing up. the harsh words resonating with plus-sized women everywhere. abbie boudreau has the story. >> can i just say it? i'm fat. >> reporter: it's the seven-seven so-called fat girl rant that some women are calling brilliant and brutally honest. >> you know what the meanest thing is you can say to a fat girl? you're not fat. >> reporter: actress sara baker, who appeared in "the campaign," and tv shows like "modern family" may be best known for her appearance on louis c.k.'s fx series, "louie." >> it really sucks.
8:16 am
>> reporter: did you think this scene would strike a chord with so many people? >> it struck a chord with me when i read it. >> reporter: do you relate to what she had to say? >> i do relate to what she had to say a lot. i think there is this standard for women that's just so different than the standard for men. >> reporter: baker's character, vanessa, asks louie out. when he says no, she thinks it's because of her weight. >> i'm making you represent all of the guys. why do you hate us so much? >> reporter: the lengthy speech about being overweight while trying to date now making headlines. >> i'm saying, have you ever dated a fat girl? >> girlfriends, of course, talk about those things all the time. to talk to a guy about it is a different thing. and it can feel good to be like, this shouldn't be like this. and it sucks. >> reporter: fans showing their love on twitter. thanking baker for opening up the conversation. >> it was so pure and so honest.
8:17 am
and again, something we haven't heard a lot of people talk about. >> reporter: baker, who does not usually select roles based on her body type, says this time, it was a good choice. >> this is done in an artful, beautiful way, i'm really happy i took the part. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. and joining us now is body image expert and author of "good girls don't get fat," robin silverman. we enjoy having you here. >> thank you. >> what is the key thing that's striking such a deep chord? >> when we see so much fantasy and fabrication of the truth and photoshop, a little healthy dose of honesty goes a very long way. we have a character who is saying to everybody, be honest with yourself, be honest with me. and realize by saying, you're not fat, you are not seeing me for who i am. and you're actually grouping me
8:18 am
in and stereotyping me like everyone else. >> tricky piece of writing for louis c.k. what can men learn from this? >> i think men can learn that they need to break away from that term fat as meaning all of these negative terms. they need to hang up their hangups and be with the person they really care about. and finally, that this is not a women's problem. stereotyping and discriminating against women, it's not a women's problem. it's everyone's problem. and don't be part of it. >> both of us, men and women, can be part of the solution. >> absolutely. >> terrific to be having this conversation. body image, and self-esteem, so important to get out there. if there's one final thought to our viewers, what would it be? >> when i'm speaking to my audiences, they tell me they don't see themselves in the media. they want to see themselves. when you see yourself, everybody feels normal and accepted. >> great -- >> a lot of sense. >> it does. >> robyn, thanks.
8:19 am
>> thank you. >> we would love to hear what you think. join us on twitter using #socialsquare. let us know what you think. other topics that are burning up our "heat index," including a brand-new study showing hoshow ing how much sugar is really in kids' breakfast cereals. 40% of the breakfast cereals marketed to children have added sugar. most of them way over the daily sugar limit recommendation. are we surprised by this? >> pay attention to it. >> you do have to pay attention. >> 40% more in children's cereals than adult cereals. that may the more shocking thing they're targeting children. >> consumers have many options for breakfast. they should read package labels to make informed choices and focus on an overall diet. >> it can be a treat and not an
8:20 am
everyday thing. there is so much sugar in them. >> they say the recommendation to make cereal -- to make breakfast from scratch, that's almost an impossible task when you're trying to get your kids off to school. >> and cereal's pretty good. >> they want the cereal. >> that remains our favorite. we have some really -- >> you can probably guess. >> uh-huh. >> they're great. beyonce, burning up the "heat index" again this morning. we've seen the surveillance video with jay z, getting attacked by her sister, solange, in that elevator, after the met gala the other night. this morning, after 6:30 this morning, beyonce posted old photos of her and solange on her instagram account. they have gone crazy in the last couple of hours. hundreds of thousands of likes. simple comment from beyonce. all she wrote was, good morning. >> nice. >> it's good to see them together. and you know what? i know there's a lot of memes
8:21 am
out there. and people are having fun with this. but this is about family. for her to post those pictures -- i have sisters. >> it speaks from the heart. >> everyone back off. >> you know how it is. you can -- i can say something about my sister. but you cannot. >> oh, no. >> don't you go there. >> don't say anything about my sister, sally. >> dorothy, too. >> family first. this is an interesting topic. hopefully you'll agree. it's a story that's going viral overnight. two parents who seem to have mastered the skill of taking their young daughter out to eat. they brought their daughter to a restaurant in canada for a mother's day meal over the weekend. the bill shows up, they notice they get a, quote, well-behaviored kids discount. check that out. a $5 discount for good behavior. he couldn't believe it. it immediately went viral. and we've heard from the
8:22 am
restaurant. the owner said, we welcome the kids. we wanted to show some appreciation for kids and parents with dining manners. >> it's there, as well. >> as long as there isn't a fine for bad behavior. >> ah. >> what are you saying, amy, about your children? >> i want the discount, too. >> that's that. we have another big story. alexa ray joel is the daughter of billy joel and christie brinkley. she opens up in an interview. the singer/song writer has been through a lot. she told me about her recent health scare, her new looks and being the daughter of these megacelebrities. ♪ we skipped the light fandango ♪ >> reporter: when listening to alexa ray joel sing, it's clear music runs in her blood. daughter of rock legend, billy joel, and supermodel christie
8:23 am
brinkley, the 28-year-old singer/song writer is stepping into her own life. and has found her own voice on stage. when did you first discover that you, indeed, did have an ear and a voice for music? >> i think it was just always innately there. i didn't know i wasn't a star growing up. i thought i was the star because my mom was always videotaping me. my father was always sitting at the piano, accompanying me while i would sing. >> reporter: fast-forward to today, alexa is a star on the rise, with recuring gigs at the carlisle hotel in new york. but last month, she experienced a scare at her closing performance. had an incident right here on this very stage. you collapsed. tell us what happened. >> i think it's just par for the course. i had been working three weeks straight. and i was tired. and it just happened. you know? it was par for the course.
8:24 am
i'm doing great. it was a case of shear exhaustion. >> reporter: she made headlines after this photo sparked rumors she had undergone extensive plastic surgery. tell us, what's the truth and what's the fiction? >> it was interesting because they were comparing pictures of me from when i was between 16 to 18, to recent pictures of me now and i'm 28 years old. so, of course, i look different. but i can tell you right now, that the only thing that is true, which i actually was very open about, was that i did have rhinoplasty surgery. i haven't had anything else done. i don't even dye my hair. >> reporter: but speculation and scrutiny have been a part of her life since she was a little girl. as a daughter of megacelebrities, what was that pressure like for you? you obviously emerged in such a beautiful way. but that journey had to be tough. >> it was. i was a very sensitive,
8:25 am
painfully shy young woman. and i probably wasn't ready for the limelight. and i think it did hit me really hard. but i'm grateful for it. i think that anything you go through in your life, where there's obstacles, you learn to overcome them. and it builds character. and it makes for really good songs. >> reporter: and it's just that -- the music that she wants and hopes to focus on. and what a voice she has. you can see, she's the daughter of billy joel, yes? you can hear it. alexa ray is performing at the cafe carlisle at the carlisle hotel in new york, june 24th through the 28th. and really, i loved her message, too. it builds character. everything you go through. >> a nice lady. >> great to be with her. >> i did. coming up, we're seeing double. that's pint-sized lara getting ready. we're going to show you lara and robin's look alikes. and jim parsons is here live, to
8:26 am
tell us about his new movie.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm katie marrzullo. palo alto police are warning residents that burglars like to strike when the weather is hot. they break into empty homes with open windows in the late morning and midday. police are using twitter and community outreach to spread the word. in roich monday, police are investigating a fatal overnight accident near richmond parkway that left a female passenger dead. the car she was riding in crashed into a utility pole at a high speed. it may have been racing with two other cars that drove away. let's get a check of your morning commute with leyla gu n gulen. >> good morning, katie. sigalert in pittsburgh where we have a full closure between pheasant and myrtle due to an accident that knocked down a pg&e pole. crews are still out there trying to repair things. looks like we'll have a
8:28 am
reopening in the next 45 minutes. katie? >> meteorologist mike nicco will be along with your bay things on purpose? youe not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
8:29 am
surprise!lcome back. crystal geyser alpine spring water. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. news flash, it's bottled at the source. news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. good morning. already in the 70s in oakland, fremont, antioch, and los gatos on to record high temperatures this afternoon. in fact, all these areas, san francisco, richmond, livermore, san rafael, a handful of the record highs, some date back to 1905 in san jose, 1922 in sfroon. accuweather seven-day forecast,
8:30 am
poor air quality today, much cooler at the coast tomorrow. for the rest of us friday back to average by the weekend. ♪ he's a legend. santana, new music. new music from santana coming up. >> so great. also, jim parsons here. there he is in the twitter mirror, in social square right now. and a very powerful role in a new hbo movie, "the normal heart." we've been hearing from
8:31 am
molly kate kestner all morning. what a voice. more than 6 million people have viewed a video of her singing on youtube. and we've got a very special live performance coming up from her. there she is right now. warming up the pipes. >> that's right. she just posted that around easter time. in a short amount of time, millions and millions of hits. she is a lovely person, inside and out. we can hear the music. >> guess what we're doing after "gma." meeting with people. >> yes. it's also day three of seeing double. the kiddie edition, here at "gma." so far, we've seen minigeorge. also, miniamy. yes. i know. that's so cute. she's right over there, again. >> she's here every day. >> and miniginger, when she leapt in her arms like this.
8:32 am
the last of the mohicans, we get to meet our kiddie clones. you first. everyone say with me -- move that mirror. >> hi. >> hi. how are you? >> great. >> come on over. >> look at you. i like your turquoise statement necklace. >> thank you. >> great to meet you. >> great to meet you. >> we're going to learn more about her in a little bit. >> she's my girl. all right, robin. get over there. it's your turn. everybody say with us. move that mirror. >> hello. you are so cute. >> oh, no. look, a little belt.
8:33 am
yeah. work it. hello. how are you? hey. >> i love your shoes. >> hi. >> those are great. >> amazing. >> tell us your name. >> sienna. >> sienna hawkins. >> you are a dead ringer. >> all right. we have to look at how you two became mini-mes. >> good morning, america. here's a look at today's top stories. >> hi, everybody. i'm sienna hawkins. i'm 6 years old. i'm from roseville, michigan. everybody tells me i look like robin roberts. >> a check of the weather now. >> ginger, please, make the snow stop. >> go for it. >> magna. >> magna. >> very good, george. >> very good, george. i play at recess, where it looks like everybody is having fun. i like sports.
8:34 am
and like robin, i play basketball. in your face. >> thanks, robin. now, we're going to get into morning "pop news." >> talk about what's buzzing this morning. >> i'm holland kanne, and i'm lara's look-alike. i want to get something new in here. i'm thinking these colors. i'm 13 years old. from lakeville, minnesota. this is why i'm like lara. i love tennis. maybe some day i'll play at wimbledon. >> it is time for improve this. >> remember three things. sand, prime, paint. >> this is an easy and inexpensive project to do over the weekend. >> thank you, girls. thank you, sienna. you see that sienna has a basketball with her. i think we have a little bit in common. tell us who your great
8:35 am
grandfather is. >> the great connie hawkins. >> the hall of famer connie hawkins, who played in the nba, also the aba. do you play a little basketball yourself? you like to play basketball? what do you want to do when you grow up? >> i want to be just like you, robin. >> i mean -- >> thank you. >> everybody, this is holland. i understand your mom has gotten you interested in flea marketing. have you been bitten by the bug? >> yes. i like any kind of shopping. >> you break for yard sales? >> yep. >> good. that's very, very important. and what do you want to do when you get older? >> i kind of want to be a lawyer. >> good. i do, too. thank you so much for coming. have you had a good time? >> yes. >> look at the necklace. that's really my necklace you have on.
8:36 am
all of them are going to be back, all of our mini-mes will be back on friday. yeah. let's get to ginger, now, at the beach in atlantic city, for a final check of the weather. >> on the carousel. 1 of 25 rides. 12 of them, brand-new. look at miles. we're having fun, aren't we? give them a wave, miles. a great group despite a little mist out here. let's talk about a place that will be a whole lot hotter today. that would be southern california. not just today. but the numbers stay in the upper 90s or even 100s. as well as las vegas. we need a break from the fire good morning. i'm mike nicco. be prepared for record heat, hottest day of the year, 99 to 102 in our inland east bay neighborhoods, 85, 88 at the coast, a spare-the-air day. cooler tomorrow many the accuweather seven-day forecast.
8:37 am
>> and these girls are graduating. and guys. at the end of the week. we thought we would celebrate that, too. a great time here in a.c. no matter the weather. >> no question about it. i'm here with molly kate kestner. you heard a little bit of her voice. wait until you hear this song. it's called "his daughter." it's gone wildly viral. don't go anywhere. ♪ everything's gonna be all right ♪ ♪ she whispers to herself she was only 6 years old ♪ ♪ that night as she hid behind that shelf ♪ ♪ because daddy had a little too
8:38 am
much to drink ♪ ♪ and momma didn't want her to feel the pain she felt ♪ ♪ but she still felt the pain ♪ well, ten years, they came and went ♪ ♪ and dad was gone so, she looked for love ♪ ♪ in other men and tried to act strong ♪ ♪ oh, broken hearts and scars in only places she could see ♪ ♪ 'cause she just wanted she just wanted to feel something ♪ ♪ and as she sat there on her bed ♪ ♪ thinking about what those girls said ♪ ♪ tears streamed from her eyes she cried ♪ ♪ if there's a god out there
8:39 am
please hear my prayer ♪ ♪ i'm lost and i'm scared and i've got nowhere else to go ♪ ♪ i've come a long, long way but i'm not sure i can ♪ ♪ make it much farther so, if you're listening ♪ ♪ could you give a helping hand to your daughter ♪ ♪ well, her path started to change ♪ ♪ she reached out and grabbed god's grace ♪ ♪ and finally, she saw light until that night ♪ ♪ where she decided one drink was all right ♪ ♪ and one thing led to another >> she's the real thing.
8:40 am
molly kate kestner. and coming up here, jim molly kate kestner. asofa..., jim you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99.
8:41 am
sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home.
8:42 am
starting at $99. jim parsons has learned three emmys on the sitcom, "the big bang theory." now, fans will see his more serious side in "the normal heart." he plays gay activist tommy boatwright, who is faced with
8:43 am
difficult situations. >> where were you? >> i was up at bellevue. and put a sweet, dying child together with his momma. they hasn't seen each other for 15 years. he never told her he was gay. he didn't want to see her. he refused to see her for weeks. he was angry when i waltzed in with her. it was a real weeper. momma holding her son. he's dead now. >> so powerful. and we're just thrilled to have jim parsons with us. this is your "gma" debut. >> yes. thank you for having me. wonderful to be here. >> and a terrific film. comes from a play that you're quite familiar with. >> yes. >> tony-nominated, 2011. "the normal heart." and you're playing the same character. >> it was wonderful. it was interesting. the hardest part about that was hearing new actors salines that you'd heard so many nights in a row. but the rest of it was pure pleasure because it was very
8:44 am
interesting. it's very rare you would get to do a role on stage and then take it into a movie with it. and it's like this level of almost background homework i got to do that i would never have gotten to do otherwise. >> did you change the way you approached the character? >> you know, it was about two years away from the close of the play that the movie starting shooting. i had enough distance that things weren't hanging over me, like overly resonating. and it felt easy to respond to the new people in a new way. and they were such wonderful actors that populate this film. it was a wonderful experience. >> it took a long time to get this film made. nearly 30 years. and the perception of aids has changed so much during that time. >> certainly. >> it isn't the death sentence it once was considered. >> absolutely. >> does the film still resonate in a way it would have that many years ago? >> i think it resonates differently. certainly as passionately and as
8:45 am
intensely. it's very interesting. in many ways, i think that this is the perfect time to be showing this. this is the perfect time for it to be making its movie debut. there's such a -- anyone in their 30s almost was not aware -- not really not aware, but not alive when this was going on. when the movie takes place. and it's a real education. and i think intellectually understand that something happened is one thing. to see it play out the way it does, with characters that personify this really brings it to the heart. and you -- i learned things that i didn't know before. >> and so did i, watching it. and what a juxtaposition between tommy boatwright and sheldon. cannot talk to you before talking about the joy that is sheldon. >> thank you. >> brings us so many smiles every week. >> i love to do it. >> there are some t-shirts, it's true. it was a very fun way to spend
8:46 am
time, getting the chance in "the normal heart," to play somebody so warm and embracing that understands social cues. it was a different set of muscles to work. but there's a lot of joy in playing somebody who is brilliantly clueless. you get to say a lot of things that a normal person can't say. a lot of offensive things. >> and so well, i might add. >> thank you. i love to say them. >> both characters, so well done. >> thank you. it's always good to see you. >> please, come back. >> i would love to. >> we go back. >> yeah, a little bit. >> congratulations, everybody. "the normal heart," airs on hbo, sunday may 25th. coming up,
8:47 am
8:48 am
i'm joined, now, by one of rock's greatest living legends. ten-time grammy winner, carlos
8:49 am
santana. he has a brand-new album, "corazon," his first latin track. he's going to perform with his friend, samuel rosa. you've been making music for over 40 years, over 100 albums. and this is your first latin album. that's surprising. why not? >> we got one. >> i like that answer. and you were presented with the esteemed kennedy center honors in december. tell me about that moment. that has to be a pretty incredible moment. >> there goes the neighborhood. >> i like your funny, little one-liners. those are great. you're headed out on tour with rod stewart. what can we expect on the road? >> we like american music, blues, rock 'n' roll. we love the same things for the same reasons. >> i know what we love listening to, a little more of you. from the brand-new album,
8:50 am
"corazon," with samuel rosen doing "kantera." ♪ ♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ [ singing in foreign language ]
8:51 am
♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪
8:52 am
♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪
8:53 am
[ cheers and applause ] a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal.
8:54 am
and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. t's the pete in today's economy?r kidse woman: a well-rounded education that focuses on science, math, and career training for students who don't choose college. man: and that's exactly what superintendent of public education tom torlakson
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has been working on. woman: because every student needs the real world skills for the jobs of tomorrow. man: torlakson's career readiness initiative is helping schools expand job and technical training across the state because it makes a difference. woman: so tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for the career and technical training our students need.
8:56 am
we want to thank our -- tell you what. we're having a great time. our little look-alikes this morning. sienna hawkins and holland kanne. it's great. i hope you did. did you have a good time? where do you get to go after this? >> that's a good day. hope you have a good day, as well. see you tomorrow.
8:57 am
8:58 am
a pediatrician.ds of a . art advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. ♪ get 5% cash back at lowe's this quarter so you can score more cash. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can.
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i'm katie marrzullo. breaking news out of richmond where police are investigating the shooting of a kennedy high school student. the 14-year-old was wounded northeastern and then ran to the school. reporting continues on twitter so follow us there. let's get a check of the hot forecast with mike. >> some records back to 1905 in san jose, 1922 in san francisco. good morning, everybody. hot one today, 90s and 100s, a few 80s along the coast. that's where the coolest weather will be. don't forget about the dangerous surf out there. look at all those ast rasterisk. lot of record highs today. leyla? 've a traffic impact due to the shooting at rich monday. the street is shut down between 41st and 45th. so there is going to be a detour around that.
9:00 am
try to avoid the area. katie? >> leyla, thank you. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, singer, actor, musician and "american idol" judge, harry connick jr. plus, a performance by legendary rock group santana. and we'll meet top teacher finalist wendy tickel from north carolina. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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